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Replacement INSSDU Annunciator Bulb Boards

MSI P/N 98-10335-014For 14 Volt Models
MSI P/N 98-10335-028For 28 Volt Models

Price: $49.95 ea(Shipping NOT included)

Usually ships within one business day.
Expedited shipping is available at additional cost.
(Contact MSI for ordering.)

Don't feel up to the task of installing it yourself?
Let MSI install a new bulb board. Our install fee is only $25.00
And... we'll install any applicable updates at no charge.
(Of course... you'll need to pay the shipping!)

Why replace individual bulbs?
A replacement bulb board provides
a fresh bulb for each annunciator
in the panel.

Once you've gone this far into the
task, it only makes sense!

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